I am sure some (if not ALL) of us have experienced this before – we have decided to embark on a new health journey. We go out and we buy LOTS of kale and healing foods, and we have our menu planned out for the week, ready to feel better inside and out. We get home to share our new found passion for whole, clean food with our beloved partner, only to be met with a “What’s that?? I am not eating that.” Talk about taking the wind out of your sails…
This is where Miranda comes in. Meet Miranda Malisani. Author of the Hubby Diet. Today, she is going to share her wisdom and experience with you…
Miranda’s Personal Story: Some may call me nutrition-obsessed, including my own husband. Prior to January, after 15 years together he didn’t fully share my perspective about healthy food and this became a source of conflict in our marriage. How could I get my kids to eat healthy (to my standard) when he felt that he grew up eating junk food and turned out okay?! This attitude became evident in accumulated weight gain, digestive difficulties and low energy over the years. I noticed it, but he didn’t clearly make this connection.
This ate at me for a long time. How could I be helping so many clients to get on track and my own husband wasn’t buying-in or getting this concept fully despite my endless discussions about food? Sometimes I’d bring it up in a round-a-bout way and often hear “I eat healthy 99% of the time” And I was like, is his math really bad or is he just not seeing that he isn’t eating all day long, then eating all night without being able to satisfy his hunger. Yes, he’d eat salad and kale when I put it on his plate, but his body was not balanced with his out-of-rhythm eating.
That’s when I took a step back from my emotional wifey perspective (why is he not listening to his wife who is a Nutritionist?!!) and realized that he actually was stuck in a very emotional and habitual food routine that began when he was a child. He came from humble beginnings and sometimes only had enough money in school to have a bagel all day long. He stretched this out, trained his body not to be hungry throughout the day. Then would go home and eat and eat and eat. Food was an afterthought, something he reached for when he was starving and if it were available, not planned out, not prepared in advance, and this eating all night was even worse on those super stressful days.
I met him when he was 24 and he was in good shape…active had some health knowledge which drew me in, but I did notice that during the day he wasn’t hungry hardly at all. Years went by and then we had kids….kids and their amazing needs, hectic schedules and his eating becomes even more disconnected in his 30’s. His food routines are now appearing as weight gain, digestive discomforts and low energy.
Then came the birth of The Hubby Diet.

While on the beach over Xmas he brought up the desire to lose weight beginning in January (hallelujah) I knew I had to wait until he was really ready to truly make a change. I developed a weight loss plan, amped it up in our kitchen and pumped out a ton of healing foods daily. I wanted him to truly feel the difference of what eating the right foods throughout the day (and less at night) felt like.

In 6 weeks, hubs dropped 4 % body fat, 12 pounds and gained a serious amount of energy. He made his reveal on The Marilyn Denis Show. We were so fortunate to receive many emails and messages with couples saying that they were also taking the challenge having gone through a similar situation in their marriage

This experience re-defined the way we eat as a family, how we prep our meals and gave us an opportunity to work together as a team. He had the opportunity to finally see how he had stuck to his old comfortable habits and how it was impacting his body. Our kids watched us work together with food and we saw many positive outcomes in the foods that they would try as a result of their Dad’s commitment

It wasn’t all gum drops and lollipops (dye-free of course)…there were some tense moments, some hurt feelings and flipping of the bird on numerous occasions, but we both learned a lot. I learned a lot about how he needed to be supported, he learned what action he needed to take for his own wellbeing.

What is The Hubby Diet? A 6-week plan to help hubs to lose fat, gain muscle and increase energy, by encouraging more frequent healthy eating throughout the day and less snacking at night. The plan is gluten free, cow’s dairy-free and includes nutrient-dense whole foods. It’s a partner-supported plan, where a team effort is needed for meal prep and daily encouragement. The plan emphasizes eating every 3-4 hours and it not being a “defined” breakfast, lunch and dinner, but more the fuel that makes your body feel good and keeps you satiated throughout the day. The menu plan includes many guy-friendly recipes like lasagna roll-ups, pizza, chicken fingers and wings, but done in an easy-to-digest way and by utilizing more nutrient-dense ingredients. The 6-weeks include a taste bud training where more bitter-greens are included and sweeter foods are reduced. It’s a food experience where working together for a common goal is shared through healthy food and physical activity.

When you and your partner have different health values:
  • As partners sharing a life together, it is challenging when two people do not share the same philosophy on health and wellness. Weight gain, low energy, lack of motivation and opposing beliefs on what children should eat can literally eat at the marriage.
  • Men gain an average of 30 pounds and women 24 pounds in the first 5 years of marriage.
  • When men gain weight, often women see this as a sign that they don’t love them anymore and that they don’t care about their marriage.
  • Despite this struggle, each person is on their own food journey, discovering themselves through their daily choices. You can’t force change, but you can nudge your partner in a positive direction by:
  1. Avoiding passive aggressive comments. Have a loving conversation about this conflict. Begin your sentences with “I feel or I am feeling, rather than “You are…
  2. Understand what his obstacles are (work, friends, extended family pressure) and help him to set realistic goals to support them.
  3. Respect his emotional connection to food or his feeling-based habitual food choices, and help him to see this pattern to begin shifting.
  4. Propose a specific time frame of dietary changes. Offer to do this with him. Even though this may be 6-weeks, the ultimate goal is making this a lifestyle change.
  5. Over the course of the 6-weeks, draw his attention to the shifting that is occurring. Keep a note-pad on the fridge or somewhere visible daily with these positive changes. Keep the motivation alive and celebrate even the smallest change.
  6. Make sure you have the right foods stocked and planned out.

 “There’s a magical rhythm that can be achieved when you connect to what your body needs for vibrant living. The right whole foods (you are biochemically unique), the consistency of eating them (you have your own unique rhythm) and paying attention to how your body feels while doing (tuning into to this awareness) is life changing”

THAT is Miranda Malisani’s food philosophy.
I have hand selected a panel of guest experts for you, and Miranda is one of them. She takes the concept of food for thought to a whole new level! We still have public tickets available, and I KNOW it is worth the investment. Every woman who has the opportunity to be in that room and hear from our guests is going to feel something spark up inside them, ready to take them onto their journey towards simplicity and ease when it comes to health, wellness and wellbeing.
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Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
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