What if I told you that by simply eating more food, counting less calories and moving your body more you could lose weight and keep it off?
No more dieting, restricting, counting and obsessing about your food and your body. Learning to eat healthy, nutrient-dense real food that helps your body to lose weight and feel …great is not the difficult part. The difficult part is un-learning all the garbage you’ve been told up to this point!

Well the ‘secret’ is out! This really isn’t a ‘what if’ its TRUE! All you need to focus on is discovering the amazing whole, real, nurturing and supportive foods around you that create a vital, balanced, well-working body and you are on your way. This weekend begin by going through your cupboards and getting rid of any faux foods ie: hydrogenated garbage, aspartame, splenda, sucralose, MSG, anything hydrolyzed or autolysed, white flour, white pasta, white bread etc. Start here and tune in tomorrow for a list of suggestion as to what you can replace your faux foods with!

Happy purging!!!

PS Don’t forget to Shake Your Tail-Feather this weekend either aka. MOVE YOUR GORGEOUS BODY for a minimum of 30 minutes each day xo

Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
Jenn is a best selling author ~ The Simplicity Project, Holistic Lifestyle & Media Expert. Yogi. Mom. Wife. On a mission to educate the masses.