I have a big, juicy announcement to share with you, but first I want to ask you something…

When was the last time you tried something new?

To shake things up and flip life on its head?

Do you allow yourself the freedom to play?

To play – experiment, experience, explore, enjoy – something new for the first time or something old you’ve missed and been longing to do again.

How many of you feel like you must first learn how to do thing you want to do FIRST and then you can bring it into your life?

You have to learn how to dance before you can go to a class?

You need to be more flexible before you can do yoga?

You have to get stronger before you go to the gym?

You need to lose the weight first before you begin the program?

You need to feel more beautiful before you wear pretty clothes?

You need to have every credential under the sun and the best name and website before you launch your business and passion?

And the list goes on and on and on…

Allow yourself to fall in love with the gap BETWEEN the now and the goal. Become OBSESSED with the daily JOY of play and discovery. Attempt the thing that scares you must, follow your curiosity and excitement, embrace the sweaty shaky moments where you are thinking, “OMG, what have I got myself into?!”

That feeling IS the sweet spot and if you can hangout there long enough, you pass the moment of “what am I doing?” And enter a state of “WHY did I wait so long to try this?”

That my friends is what full on joy, play, excitement and adding new depth to your life feels like💗

Take the class

Dance your hiney off

Make touching your knees the new touching your toes

Become a Warrior

Wear the beautiful, feminine, flowing dress

Launch your passion driven business

It’s all waiting for you

​​​​​​​Now for my juicy announcement…The Simplicity Project Online is finally back, and today is the first day of registration! This baby is my signature course, and I ran it 3 times last year. This year we decided to run it ONLY ONCE, and that time is now. This round begins May 1st, and you can take it all at your own pace.

Each time I run this program, it gets bigger, better and more badass, and I can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks. 

Register NOW and get the Early Bird Bonuses

Everything you ever wanted is right over there on the other side of uncertainty and trepidation you just have to surrender your “what if’s” and replace them with YES.

Big love to you all today,

– Jenn xoxo

Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
Jenn is a best selling author ~ The Simplicity Project, Holistic Lifestyle & Media Expert. Yogi. Mom. Wife. On a mission to educate the masses.