Welcome to Day 12 of the 14 Days of Simplicity!

Many people claim they want to change, expressing how unhappy or dissatisfied there are with their current state of health and well-being yet they are often the first ones to come up with excuses as to why positive changes can’t happen. The first thing you need to recognize is something that my girlfriend Laura always remind me and everyone she comes in contact with is this…Don’t change. Firmly believe you are imperfectly perfect just the way you are. Really, DON’T change. Instead, can choose step further into ‘who you ARE’ with love & intention!

What an incredibly odd and profound way of thinking!

What do you REALLY want to SHIFT, ENVISION and CREATE in your life and for your body? You don’t need to be precise about these in the beginning just begin to write these desires and goals down in order to start planting your new seeds of growth and shift effectively. Begin with a vision or intention statement to you about yourself and your goals; re-visit this often to remind you of how badly you want to shift, to feel better and to be more Fierce in your life!

Maybe you choose to share these inspiring bits of you with a supportive like-minded group of people in your life, those who you know will only continue to support and elevate you in your OR maybe you choose to keep this close and personal to you AND for you right now. Either way it doesn’t matter at this moment how is happens, all the matters is you make a move, you start playing a bigger role in your life and that you start to claim how awesome, capable and powerful you really are!

I had such a great day today. I woke up and spent some time with my family, then I headed to my studio to teach one of my favourite classes to a group of very inspiring people that just make my job so much fun and fulfilling and THEN I had the honour of being in a room full of fabulous women to teach the program Laura Foster and I created


4 hours 3 topics and so many goose bump moments I lost count:)

There is never a moment that goes by when I don’t feel the need to pinch myself for the journey and life I lead. The women that sat in front of us today & believed we were their teachers had no idea how big of teachers they serve to us…

I write this blog to you , to remind you how much you teach and inspire me and to ask you these same

Six Juicey Life Questions we ask our group today:

1. How would you describe your current STATE of health and well-being? 

2. What are the top 5 areas in your life you want to FOCUS on over the next year?

3. What 3 nutrition and lifestyle changes do you feel are a MUST for you to Shift in order to live the life you want to feel and experience?

4. What have you ALWAYS wanted to do but never have because you were afraid?

5. Truthfully…what is HOLDING you back? What is in your way of having the life and the body you desire?

6. Ask yourself, “Who would I have to be in order to achieve the goals, the feelings the OUTCOME that I am after and passionate about in my life”?


 Take some time, but make the time and do the above exercise. Give yourself this gift.

You will be amazed when you notice that the more time you spend on developing true happiness in yourself, that issues like your weight, your self-esteem, your anxiety, your zest for life – will all feel a vibrational shift when you truly step into yourself.

Grab a journal and a pen, find some quiet space and enjoy the journey:)

Much love to you,

Jenn xoxo


Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
Jenn is a best selling author ~ The Simplicity Project, Holistic Lifestyle & Media Expert. Yogi. Mom. Wife. On a mission to educate the masses.