I have watched many documentaries over the years; most of them being about the horrifying state of our health, our treatment of animals, the decline of our bodies and what we can do right now to make a change and to create a shift…all of them have left me in awe of how we live and function as a society. It is not uncommon for me to sit in a combined state of disbelief, shock, sadness, tears, anger and then fired up with flame-throwing passion about taking action- today was no exception.

My husband and I took our two children, Emerson 6 and Sam 4, to see the newly released film Revolution by Rob Stewart (Sharkwater). I thought going in the film was about the integrity and state of our oceans and the effect on oceanic life, what I wasn’t prepared for was to learn the disturbing reality that played out in front of me. You see as a society we have this incredible tendencies to live in a way where if we don’t see something happen right there in front of us or on the news on a regular basis, then we assume either it’s not happening, it’s not that big of a deal or it doesn’t concern us.

When our oceans and the millions of species that live in it are under assault so are we. The amount of coral reef in the world that are dying and be destroyed is unbelievable and frightening. You see, coral reef is a living creature and one that not only helps to produce much of the nutrients needed by fish and marine life but helps to recycle those nutrients back in the waters of the ocean. Coral reef is home to 25% of the worlds fish species and 2 million marine species. Without it, much of our marine life cannot survive.

So why is this so important? Well, you see coral is the like the under water version of tropical rainforest…an integral part of life on our planet. Our oceans pre-cede what will begin to happen to us – it has already started.

As I watched this film today, I had a major ‘aha moment’.

For me as a holistic nutritionist I teach foundational concepts of healthy living and increased vitality. The three main components I educate on are 1) Creating a healthy gut flora and superior digestion 2) Stable blood sugar for over-all stability in your body’s environment 3) Proper hydration AND involved in all three of these as the ‘umbrella’ that captures them all is reducing your body’s inflammation by decreasing acidity in your system.

Well, in the film what I realized as being the same message is this; in order for our oceans to be healthy, viable and sustainable we need to 1) ensure that we maintain the right balance in the ocean gut and flora in terms of the right species, nutrients and bacteria levels 2) create a more stable environment of homeostasis in our waters 3) we need to live in a way that is keeping our water levels and supply rich in quality and quantity and that we need to reduce the overall acidity (inflammation) in our oceans, rivers and lakes from all of the industries carbon emissions releasing these pollutants into our air and into water ways.

My aha moment…Its not about ‘when’ we will start to see the effects of our ailing oceans, in humans and in our bodies, it’s already happening. From the decrease in our air quality, to the decrease in our forests, the decrease in our animal and species worldwide, the decline of our oceans, the decrease in our water supply, the decrease in our wholism food supply and the increase in air pollution, the increase in industries and corporation taking over, the increase in genetically modifying our animals and our food sources, the increase of chemicals in our food and body products and the increase in technologies that are making it easier for us to have greater accessibility to everything without having to leave our house for it, therefore reducing your body’s level of movement and exercise.  The list could go on…

Don’t you see? Our bodies are manifesting the effects of all this NOW, in the form of respiratory problems, skin ailments, diseases such as MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Althzeimers, Parkinsons, Inflammatory bowel disorders, infertility, mental health disorders, and every possible type and form of cancer, and this is just to name a few.

If you don’t believe this to be true, ask yourself a few questions:

1. If you think back to 10-15 years ago, how many people did you know or know someone who had cancer?

2. How many children did you hear being diagnosed with Autism, ADD, ADHD?

3. How many women in your life with being diagnosed with MS, Lupus, ALS and Dementia?

4. How many Diabetics did you know?

5. How many people did you know with food sensitivities and allergies?

This is just a small sample of some of the diseases and issues we are dealing with on a daily, ongoing basis. These issues have become an epidemic.

It is so sad but I think you can agree that nearly every time you hear of someone dying, it is because they died from cancer. You almost never hear about someone dying from a stroke or a heart attack anymore. Why is that?

It is greatly due to all of these chemicals, GMO creations, denatured food sources, exposures to man-made foreign substances are bodies simply do not have the ability to process, breakdown or dispose of and lack of caring for our environment has led us to where we are today.

This is no longer about saving the oceans, this is about saving our lives.

I highly recommend that you and your family watch this film. I truly think it is life-changing…

It has to be, our future depends on it.


Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
Jenn is a best selling author ~ The Simplicity Project, Holistic Lifestyle & Media Expert. Yogi. Mom. Wife. On a mission to educate the masses.