The Simplicity Project


Over the past decade, I’ve developed and fine-tuned The Simplicity Project. This is a plan focused on practical principles that have worked phenomenally well for my clients, based on simplicity and whole foods. It is one that I truly believe will have you feeling more in touch with your body, more in tune with your energy, and ultimately leave your body better supported and nourished than ever before. This is not a diet book, or a quick-fix geared towards rapid weight loss, or a temporary solution. I want you to look at The Simplicity Project like a form of school. Your butt’s back in class and the subject is YOU, baby! That’s right, welcome to the class of year RIGHT NOW, working towards your PhD in You & Your Body 101! I will give you all the tips and tools necessary to shift today and change tomorrow. One step at a time, you will feel your world and your body changing for the better. No gimmicks. This book is the ‘real deal’ and is the first step on your path to a more vitally simplistic way of living. Let the journey begin …”

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ebook-bannerThe Simplicity Project: A Simple, No-Nonsense Approach to Losing Weight & Changing Your Body Forever! 2nd Edition by Author Jenn Pike is for:

• The busy person who wants to stop dieting and start living sleeping moving eating and being in a way that is more aligned with your feel awesome goals and mission.
• Anyone who feels overwhelmed or un-inspired by what they already know or are already doing. The feel like they have done every program, taken every quick fix product out there only to be left with no energy, no results and no faith in their body.
• The person who wants to finally understand THE signs, symptoms, feelings and struggles THEY HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH AND TO GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE OF THEIR DIGESTIVE AND HORMONAL IMBALANCES AND More specifically, how to understand and balance your adrenal/thyroid connection NOW!

The 2nd Edition of The Simplicity Project was created not only because new information becomes available over time but Author Jenn Pike wanted to enhance the first edition with new recipes, imagery and further insights on how to keep things simple!

Besides four new chapters and 3 new week long clean, whole food based meal plans, the 2nd edition has a total of 70 NEW recipes and beautiful pictures that are built to stabilize your blood sugar, crush your cravings, drop pounds of inflammation, balance hour hormones and create vibrant lasting energy.

The 2nd Edition also includes:

• New skin and body care information with incredible DIY recipes plus some of my new favorite companies and products on the market;
• An entire chapter on healing with essential oils;
• PLUS her insanely successful online Cellulite be Gone program has been added right into the book AND access to three new exercise videos; 30 minutes each Yoga, Pilates and Sculpted, my strength training flow.

When readers begin to understand the WHY behind the WHAT they can begin to strategize a plan to create the HOW behind the shift and ability to transform their lives!

After reading The Simplicity Project and beginning the NEW YOU journey, readers of The Simplicity Project will have begun to learn how food can empower them, instead of taking them down. They will have a much healthier relationship with food and will find themselves making better choices about what they let pass through their lips!

Author Jenn Pike is the Founder of Simplicity Yoga Studio, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga and Pilates Educator, Master Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist. She is the television host of Simplicity Fusion Flow’ & Living Simpliciously as well as Spokesperson & Brand Ambassador for Genuine Health, Lululemon, Pascoe, Greeniche Naturals and Juice Matters. She is a regular contributor to Rogers Daytime, Georgina Life, CHCH Live and City TV’s Breakfast Television.