Simplicity Workout DVD Set


Get BOTH The Simplicity Body and Simplicity in 7 DVDs for only $45!

The Simplicity Body

Are you ready to smile, sweat and sculpt your way towards a healthier, more balanced and fit body? Then pop this baby into your player of choice and hit play because I am bringing three of my favourite 30-minute full body practices of yoga, pilates and functional strength training into your world so that regardless of where you are, even if you’re travelling, we can work together to achieve your goals of a fit, fierce and fabulously balanced body 

Full On Simplicity Flow

I slowly wake you from the ground up to create a deeply nourishing root to rise practice throughout your gorgeous body. You will feel alive, balanced, fluid and strong in movement while mentally and emotionally grounded in your breathe and spiritually so darn grateful for the soul appointment you have made with yourself. Yoga is everywhere and everything.

Precision Pilates

My pilates classes are known for dynamically teaching you how to strengthen, firm and streamline your glutes, back, shoulders, thighs and core without impact or excess load on your body. Your body will know you moved in the RIGHT way after one of my pilates classes.

Sweat and Sass 

In this strength based practice you will learn to use your own body weight plus free weights, to target every muscle head to toe and leave you feeling fit, fab and fierce ready to take on the day! Be sure to watch my “how-to” video before you begin to learn each movement step-by-step.

Simplicity in 7

Simplicity in 7 is a series I designed with you, the busy person in mind. It’s a seven part daily practice that ranges from 12-15 minutes to help you achieve your goal of moving more often and creating a shift in your body physically, mentally and emotionally. This series was brought to life with the intention of you having the choice to complete one class at a time OR combine multiple classes together in order to create a longer session for yourself. 

7 short flows to target your whole body: Blissful Hips, FireFlow, Sleeveless

Strength, Smooth Like Buttah Glutes, Hips and Thighs,Core Fusion, Deep Belly

& Heart Release and Roll Away The Pain.

Plus 2 Bonus Classes! Sweet and Simple Morning Wake Up & Simpliciously

Sweet Evening Meltdown.


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Get BOTH The Simplicity Body and Simplicity in 7 DVDs for only $45!



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