A Core Revival To Transform Your Body – DVD


In this fusion approach to Pilates, Jenn will wake you up to meet your deepest core layers, preparing your body for a fun and dynamic series of postures linking your body through your abdomen to your shoulders, glutes, hips, thighs and so much more. You will hit all of your key stabilizing muscles that help to knit your larger muscle groups together and create a stronger, sexier, tighter you. Yoga: In this dynamic flow Jenn moves your body through a fluid, yet strong, yoga practice that builds your heat and precision to detail from the inside out. You will sweat, smile, and sculpt your way to a body you never thought possible. For both of these incredible classes you have the options of selecting smaller sections to accommodate the busiest of schedules and ensure that you and your practice never suffer. You can build your way to a solid full practice of each or take it one segment at a time.

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