Years of personal practice working with clients one on one and many years of teaching various workshops, seminars and writing for various health and wellness publications have led to Dr. Laura Foster, Chiropractor extroadinaire and Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Studio Owner Jenn Pike creating their NEW PROGRAM…

SHIFT to YOUR Unlimited Potential!

This program will fully immerse you with our top tips and tools for live your most authentic life. We will teach you how EVERYTHING is literally connected; your thoughts, your actions, your words, your movement, your food, your rest and/or the lack thereof any of these mentioned.

You will leave this full day workshop with a smile on your face and two strong feet walking you forward on a journey that will never have you looking back. We can all talk a great talk but aren’t you tired of talking? Don’t you want to begin to do more LIVING?

Think Well. Be Well. Eat Well. Move Well.

We cannot wait to begin this adventure with you. Open to the first 24 participants who contact us to register!

Let the SHIFT begin…

SHIFT to YOUR Unlimited Potential Details

Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
Jenn is a best selling author ~ The Simplicity Project, Holistic Lifestyle & Media Expert. Yogi. Mom. Wife. On a mission to educate the masses.