Since taking part in Piper Martin’s ‘The Whole Woman’ radio show last week my life has richened tenfold.

I had the blessed honor of being Piper’s first guest on her show discussing the effects of being on the birth control pill, estrogen dominance and how these synthetic additions to our bodies contribute to the overall vitality, love and connection we have and make within our bodies. It is a very easy topic for me to discuss as it is one of my great passions in life, to increase woman’s knowledge base about their bodies…to take ownership or ‘loveship’ for themselves about themselves.

I teach and talk about nurturing and supporting our whole selves daily in my studio and with clients, but this struck a different cord. This show blended the best of it all together; the supplements or pills we take; how homeopathy can balance the union of your body, mind and soul; the foods we eat, the movement we provide our bodies, the love and support mentally and emotionally that we either provide or are in desperate need of and most importantly the steps we can all take to begin moving in a more fluid direction within our lives.

In the week that has passed since it aired I have been overwhelmed with the request for One-on-One Consultations, woman wanting me to come into their workplace and speak to their friends and colleagues, companies asking me to provide lunch’n’learns and attend company retreats to offer these insights and information. I am so excited that I have goosebumps as I type this!

Like Piper had said during our show, ‘ something big is going to happen, something big is already happening’ ~ just by you listening to her show and by you reading this now…you have universally put it out there that you want change you want knowledge  ~ now be the change you want and seek the knowledge you need.

Making more healthful, conscious choices in your life doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be real and attainable and it must be what you want not what someone else wants from you.

Start with something small today; maybe you spend sometime with a good friend who makes you feel great for being you, maybe you spend some quality time alone listening to music or writing, you may choose to come to the mat and ‘practice your practice’ with some yoga or you may choose to smile at someone new today or give someone old a hug. It really doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it feels right.

“You must listen to your heart and follow it or it will find a million ways to remind you that something is missing”

~  thank you for this one Pipe:)

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Love Jenn xo

Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
Jenn is a best selling author ~ The Simplicity Project, Holistic Lifestyle & Media Expert. Yogi. Mom. Wife. On a mission to educate the masses.