Fiber for Estrogen Detoxification
Fiber offers wonderful benefits for your hormonal balance. Keeping your bowels moving regularly is critical at all times, but especially during your detox to avoid accumulation and re-absorption of toxins. Aside from improving digestion and reducing tummy bloat, fiber binds to excess toxic estrogen in the digestive tract and helps to excrete it from the body. It beneficially affects the composition of intestinal bacteria and reduces the buildup of free floating estrogen. It is definitely your fat loss and hormonal health friend! Add one or two tablespoons daily to your smoothies, salads or water. I recommend that you can supplement with a non-irritating, psyllium-free fiber powder or capsule such such as Metafiber by Metagenics or Solufiber by AOR. Locally check out Nature’s Emporium for the best suited option for you
Jenn Pike
Written by Jenn Pike
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