I recently became a contributor to a new magazine Vitalize Magazine, and I want to share my very first article all about 10 Habits to Better Health that you can begin TODAY to start feeling better tomorrow.

From this moment onward, let’s erase any preconceived notions you may have about the need to invest hours a day in the gym, working up a sweat, or perhaps even longer in the kitchen, arduously prepping eggplant and Brussel sprouts, for you to have healthy habits and lead a healthy life.

Contrary to popular belief, improving your health is possible with just a few basic healthy habits that take only minutes a day. Follow my advice and try the 10 simple, fast and effective tips below – and I promise you will boost your total wellness and see a new healthy glow as soon as tomorrow’s sunrise.

Dose up on vitamin D3

If you had to pick just one nutrient to dose daily vitamin D3 would definitely be your best bet as a supplement superpower. A few little drops can reduce your risk of the flu, weight gain, bone disease (osteoporosis), diabetes, cancer, heart disease, pain and inflammation, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder and autoimmune disease. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends vitamin D supplementation as a protection against cancer of the breast, colon, skin and prostate. This announcement surely makes taking vitamin D a no-brainer considering these are many of today’s most common occurring forms of cancer. All these findings, and more, have led me to recommend a daily dose of 4,000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D to all my clients, even in the summer months.

Have regular sex – no matter how old you are

Sex keeps you young by keeping your rejuvenating hormones high. Scientists have looked at 100-year-old men and women who have maintained sexual intimacy and it turns out these centenarians living in Okinawa, Japan, and China, have higher levels of testosterone, DHEA and estrogen than typical 70-year-olds in the North America! So what are you waiting for? Get it on!!!

Use 100% pure plant-based oil for skin care

Is coconut oil really the answer to everything? Well in short, yeah it is! You can also try some of these other delectable skin food oils – Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Olive oil, Seabuckthorn oil – there are so many options out there! Give them a try, but make sure they are 100% pure (it will say that on the bottle). Your skin produces oil and craves it to rebalance and hydrate itself. If you’re after supple skin and a clear complexion, try to add a few drops of the follow Essential Oil into your carrier oil of choice and see the difference DIY clean beauty products make (at a fraction of the cost, I might add).

Enjoy more protein at breakfast

Skip toast, muffins, bagels, cereals, scones, or Danishes at your first meal of the day. The old adage to eat your carbs earlier in the day has set us many of us up for failure when it comes to reducing our overall sugar or carbohydrate intake. Studies show eating these foods not only increases our desire for them later in the day, they also increase appetite overall. For breakfast, enjoy eggs or a smoothie with added protein (via protein powder OR collagen powder) or I will add 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds instead. You can also add nuts and seeds to your oatmeal to help ground your meal, leaving you more satiated. You will increase your metabolism, your energy and bust your chronic 3pm sugar cravings.

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Namaste & Enjoy your Day!





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Written by Jenn Pike
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